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Thursday, 4 September 2014

Time Heist - Synopsis

The BBC Media Centre has released the official synopsis for the fifth episode of the current series of Doctor Who, read on for further details:

TIME HEIST - by Stephen Thompson & Steven Moffat
The Doctor turns bank robber when he is given a task he cannot refuse - to steal from the most dangerous bank in the cosmos. With the help of a beautiful shape-shifter and cyber-augmented gamer, the Doctor and Clara must fight their way past deadly security and come face-to-face with the fearsome Teller: a creature of terrifying power that can detect guilt…

Doctor Who: Time Heist will broadcast on Saturday 20th September at 7:30pm on BBC One and BBC One HDIn other news: The BBC have omitted a scene from the next episode of Doctor Who, Robot of Sherwood, depicting a beheading out of respect of recent news events in the Middle East.