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Wednesday, 23 July 2014

Series 8 - SFX Magazine Reveal New Details

The latest edition of SFX magazine features five collectible Doctor Who-themed covers. Included inside is an interview with executive producer Steven Moffat on the new series as well as details to all twelve episodes, read on for further details:

Dave Bradley, editor-in-chief of SFX, says "We’re thrilled to have this first cover with Peter Capaldi - and bonus covers with all his gang! Doctor Who remains a favourite with all our readers. A month ahead of the show's return to our screens, this is a great chance to chat with the head writer and executive producer Steven Moffat about what's in store for the new Doctor."

  • 8.01: Clara trying to cope with her best friend being someone else. A terrifying monster.
  • 8.02: Gritty Dalek ep that goes into the last place in the universe the Doctor should be.
  • 8.03: Very funny Robin Hood story all about being a hero and whether the Doctor is a good man.
  • 8.04: The story of a date and the Doctor having what appears to be a mild nervous breakdown. Tiny guest cast, no CGI. A bit of Coupling. Quite scary.
  • 8.05: A Doctor Who heist movie with a cracking monster, one of Neill Gorton’s best.
  • 8.06: What effect would slipping away with the Doctor have on your life? A hoot with some serious bits. Bit like The Lodger.
  • 8.07: Proper drama with monsters and all the Doctor Who stuff that you could want. Also features a callback to a past episode (sort of).
  • 8.08: Moffat playing the long game with a callback to something from Matt’s first series. A brilliant idea of a monster. Foxes singing.
  • 8.09: A horror story that starts off with a very cute idea and becomes really quite frightening by the end. One of the best ever sight gags in it.
  • 8.10: Boldly beautiful, lyrical and poetic. A fairytale, but not Moffat fairytale. Quite different with a clever main visual idea
  • 8.11/12: High octane action, with Cybermen and some proper UNIT stuff. Strong emotional story about Clara and the Doctor and the fact that the way they interact might not be healthy for everyone around them.

Moffat also reveals there will be a number of outfits throughout the course of the upcoming run: "I think there’s always something a little bit formal about the Doctor. Oddly enough in this series, for whatever reason, he seems to be wearing different outfits far more often than the Doctor normally does. He’s got his basic outfit but he’s in a spacesuit in one of them, and he’s a caretaker in another one and then he’s all dressed up in a later episode."

"He does vary it a bit. And he mixes up the basic costume, hugely. We’ve tended to see  the white shirt version in public but actually the one I like best is when he wears the jumper under his coat. I think he looks like a submarine commander, like an old sailor or something. It makes him all rugged and handsome!"

However, Moffat says the final costume did bring up its own concerns: "There was an issue simply because it’s quite dark as a costume and it’s a show that largely takes place in a tunnel. I kept saying ‘We are going to be able to see him, aren’t we?’ I suppose the red lining helps, when the flaps are open."

Issue 251 also goes behind the scenes on Sin City: A Dame to Kill For and analyses the future of superheroes on TV with a complete guide to the upcoming shows Gotham, Constantine, The Flash, Agent Carter and more. The issue also features interviews with geek icon Felicia Day, director Luc Besson, and top fantasy author Robin Hobb. 

Issue 251 of SFX magazine is on sale from today at all good newsagents priced £4.99 per copy.