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Thursday, 19 September 2013

12" Remote Controlled Asylum Dalek Toy

Character Options have revealed a 12" new remote controlled Dalek toy, exclusive to Toys R Us, read on for further details:

12" Remote Controlled Asylum Dalek
When the Doctor, Amy and Rory are captured and brought before the Parliament of the Daleks, they naturally fear for their lives. Expecting to be exterminated, they are surprised to be asked to save the Daleks.

Humankind has somehow managed to enter the Dalek Asylum - a planet where insane and unruly Daleks are dumped. A spaceship has crash landed rupturing a hole in the planet’s defence shield. If humans can get in, then Daleks can get out!

Plus there’s at least one survivor; Oswin Oswald has sent out a distress signal. Facing his most dangerous enemy, the Doctor and the Ponds must enter the Asylum, rescue Oswin and stop the breach before any insane Daleks can escape into the universe. However, the Doctor discovers a heartbreaking truth and realises not everyone can be saved…

Recreate your favourite Doctor Who scenes with this Doctor Who 12" Asylum Radio Controlled Dalek! Perfect for fans of the Doctor Who TV series.

Features Include:
Flashing Lights and Sounds FX
8 Dalek Phrases
Motorised Dalek Movement
Poseable Gun and Plunger Arm
Illuminated Eye

The 12" remote controlled Asylum Dalek is on sale now exclusive at Toys R Us stores priced £49.99 per purchase.