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Tuesday, 18 October 2011

Doctor Who Adventures - Issue 240

The cover and info on the next edition of Doctor Who Adventures magazine:

Get ready to face some Halloween horrors in this week's issue!
"Ha, gotcha! You can come out from behind the sofa now!"

"Yes, it’s all gone a bit spooky and scary this week for Halloween. I love a good ghost, me. And I’ve saved the universe from a few monsters, as you know! Speaking of monsters, this issue is jam-packed with ‘em."

"So be brave and keep reading!"

It's our scariest issue ever this week - are you brave enough to open it? Inside, we've got Silence, Weeping Angels, Ood, the Empty Child, Headless Monks, the Beast and even some Vashta Nerada. Plus, you can meet a brand-new monster, created by a Doctor Who Adventures reader, who wil face the Doctor, Amy and Rory in an all-new comic story.

As well as all that, there's a mega monster quiz, some extra-tricky puzzles, all the latest Doctor Who news, plus your chance to win a cool Junk Tardis Playset, complete with an action figure of the Doctor. And there's a brilliant Silent mask and freaky finger, too - perfect for your Halloween costume!

Also in this issue…
A Christmas Connection
Be Afraid
Super Spooky Word Search
Best Gross Bits
Monstrous Mega Quiz
Tommy Knight - What Next?
The Kchrusivour 
Silence Secrets 
Plus much more

The star of this week’s comic adventure is the terrifying Kchrusivour, invented from the spooky mind of Sean Worley. His winning entry to our Design A Monster competition has been turned into a fantastic model that everyone can see at the Doctor Who Experience

Issue 240 of Doctor Who Adventures magazine is on sale from 20th October at all good newsagents until 26th October priced £2.99 per copy.