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Monday, 1 August 2011

4.03: Miracle Day - Dead of Night

This is: Torchwood: Series 4 - Episode 3
Title: Miracle Day - Dead of Night
Mon/Vil: Oswald Danes & Central Intelligence Agency
Synopsis: Torchwood goes on the run - and finds a new enemy. But as they launch a raid on PhiCorp headquarters, Jack must confront the mysterious Oswald Danes.
Writer: Jane Espenson
Director: Billy Gierhart
Producer: Kelly A Manners
First Broadcast: 28th July 2011
Ratings: 5.49 Million
Duration: 55.35
Cast: Captain Jack Harkness - John Barrowman
Gwen Cooper - Eve Myles
Rex Matheson - Mekhi Phifer
Esther Drummond - Alexa Havins
Rhys Williams - Kai Owen
Oswald Danes - Bill Pullman
Jilly Kitzinger - Lauren Ambrose
Dr. Vera Juarez - Arlene Tur
Brian Friedkin - Wayne Knight
Brad - Dillon Casey
Congressman Morganthall - Richard Gilliland
Carla - Tasha Ames
Nurse - Michelle Wong
George Sayer - Richard Augustine
Local Reporter - Thea Andrews
Cop - Maurice Webster
Dr. Rosenbloom - David Youse
Dr. Murphy - Brian Treitler
Sunroof Screamer - Jason Medwin
Senior TV Anchor - Mitchell Edmonds
Candice Perlmutter - Randa Walker
Young Man - Daryl Crittenden
Preacher - George Murdock
Atlanta Cop - Matt Eyde
Phi-Corp Representative - Ted Mattison
Woman Tourist - Mary Garripoli