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Monday, 1 August 2011

4.02: Miracle Day - Rendition

This is: Torchwood: Series 4 - Episode 2
Title: Miracle Day - Rendition
Mon/Vil: Brian Friedkin, Lyn Peterfield & Rex Matheson
Synopsis: As the Torchwood team is reunited, Jack realises he's the most vulnerable man on Earth; and a flight to the USA turns into a desperate battle for survival.
Writer: Doris Egan
Director: Billy Gierhart
Producer: Kelly A Manners
First Broadcast: 21st July 2011
Ratings: 5.75 Million
Duration: 54.19
Cast: Captain Jack Harkness - John Barrowman
Gwen Cooper - Eve Myles
Rex Matheson - Mekhi Phifer
Esther Drummond - Alexa Havins
Rhys Williams - Kai Owen
Oswald Danes - Bill Pullman
Dr Vera Juarez - Arlene Tur
Jilly Kitzinger - Lauren Ambrose
Noah Vickers - Paul James
Charlotte Willis - Marina Benedict
Brian Friedkin - Wayne Knight
Andy Davidson - Tom Price
Lyn Peterfield - Dichen Lachman
Goeff Reed - Tug Coker
Lianna - Halley Feiffer
Danny - Finn Wittrock
George Sayer - Richard Augustine
Bridget Howe - Amy Benedict
Airport Security Cop - Antonio D. Charity
Greta - Erin Chenoweth
Yu-King So - Ewan Chung
Laurie - Rachel Leah Cohen
Man 1 - Sedly Bloomfield
Man 2 - Joseph Eid
Assistant - Chrissie Marie Fit
ER Nurse - Bari Hochwald
Paul Goldstein - Scott Hoxby
Simran Baidwan - Ronobir Lahiri
Gate Guard - Don Luce
Dr Mandrell - David O'Donnell
James Percey - Jefferey Self
Woman - Kristi Swensson
EMT - Luke White
Government Clerk - A.J. Tannen
Security Chief - Glenn Taranto
Dr Paul Bell - Richard Wharton