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Wednesday, 20 October 2010

The Sarah Jane Adventures: New Audio Books - Covers & Info

The covers and synopsis on two new Sarah Jane Adventures audio CDs:

Deadly Download - written by Jason Arnopp, read by Elisabeth Sladen
Sarah Jane is in a Christmassy mood, but her cosy afternoon listening to carols is interrupted when Mr Smith suddenly announces that danger is imminent. The supercomputer has detected abnormal internet activity in the vicinity of Bannerman Road. Something alien is downloading into two PCs on the street – a computer virus over 50 times more destructive than any other on the planet. Both residents were chatting online when they started the download: but who were they chatting to? And what does the mysterious chatterbox want? It is up to Sarah Jane and friends to find out, before the deadly download takes over the Earth...

Wraith World - written by Cavan Scott & Mark Wright, read by Elisabeth Sladen
Rani is delighted to hear that her favourite author, Gregory P. Wilkinson, is doing a signing at a local bookshop. When he agrees to be interviewed for the school newspaper, she is even more thrilled. And when the old man presents her with his journal, full of notes and sketches from his ‘Wraith World’ books, her happiness is complete. But all too soon her elation turns to horror, as the worlds of fiction and reality collide. Can Sarah Jane save Rani, Clyde and Luke from a creature beyond their wildest nightmares?

Both audio books are on sale from 4th November 2010 priced £5.99 each and per copy.