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Saturday, 16 October 2010

4.03/04: The Vault of Secrets

This is: The Sarah Jane Adventures: Series 4 - Episodes 3 & 4
Title: The Vault of Secrets
Mon/Vil: Veil Androvax, Mr Dread & Men in Black Androids
Synopsis - Part 1: When an old enemy, Androvax the Veil, returns to Earth, the gang face a dilemma, as the alien-busting adventure series continues. Should they trust him - or does the legendary Vault hold an even greater terror? A second threat then arises when android guardians threaten to destroy anyone who uncovers their secrets.
Synopsis - Part 2: As the battle between Sarah Jane, Androvax and the androids reaches its climax, Rani has to save her own mother from being caught in the crossfire. But, as the Vault opens, with the destiny of the entire Veil species at stake, is it too late to save anyone?
Writer: Phil Ford
Director: Joss Agnew
Producer: Brian Minchin
First Broadcast: 18th October 2010 - 19th October 2010
Ratings: 0.73 Million (Part 1) & 0.60 Million (Part 2)
Duration: 26.30 (Part 1) & 26.21 (Part 2)
Cast: Sarah Jane Smith - Elisabeth Sladen
Clyde Langer - Daniel Anthony
Rani Chandra - Anjli Mohindra
Gita Chandra - Mina Anwar
Haresh Chandra - Ace Bhatti
Veil Androvax - Mark Goldthorp
Mr Dread - Angus Wright
Ocean Waters - Cheryl Campbell
Minty - David Webber
Luke Smith - Tommy Knight
Gill - Sophie Benjamin
Van Driver - Perry Blanks
Mr Smith Voice - Alexander Armstrong