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Friday, 7 August 2009

Doctor Who Adventures - Issue 127

The cover and info on this week´s edition of Doctor Who Adventures magazine:

Free book with Doctor Who Adventures magazine!
This week’s issue of Doctor Who Adventures comes with a free Doctor Who Decide Your Destiny book.

Inside the magazine, you’ll find the first picture of the Eleventh Doctor and his companion Amy Pond. Check out the sneak preview of how they’ll look as the pair start filming their new adventures together.

There’s also a fact file about clones in the series and a top ten of doubles - everything from Rose the dog to copies of the Doctor himself.

All this and…

  • Brilliant posters!
  • A new comic strip.
  • The tricks behind doubles in Doctor Who.
  • Make a red bus like the one in Planet of the Dead!
  • Rise of the Cybermen photo story.
  • Puzzles and competitions - great prizes to be won, including Doctor Who DVDs!
  • Subscription offer - subscribe today and get a free Doctor Who DVD, The Cybermen Collection.

Issue 127 of Doctor Who Adventures magazine is on sale now at all good newsagents until 12th August priced £2.10 per copy. In other news: Russell T Davies has confirmed that the title The End of Time will be for the 4th 2009 special and will have a total running time of 1 hour and 15 minutes. The title for the 3rd special, the first of the two-part story, is yet to be revealed.