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Tuesday, 24 March 2009

Doctor Who Battles in Time - Issue 67 & 68

The covers and info on two forthcoming editions of Doctor Who: Battles in Time magazine:

The Trickster: Time-twisting terror!
Reapers vs Weeping Angels
FAQ: Who is... The Seventh Doctor?
Beware the Trickster!
The Guardians of Terror
On Sale: 4th April 2009
Cards: Devastator - 1 pack
Price: £2.50

CyberKing: Majestic Might!
Cyberman vs River Song
FAQ: Who is... The Eighth Doctor?
CyberKing: Steel Giant!
Comic Strip: The Rebirth of Corah
Mutant Mayhem!
On Sale: 15th April 2009
Cards: Devastator - 1 pack
Priced: £2.50

In other news: Doctor Who as been nominated by Bafta for Best Drama.