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Monday, 17 November 2008

2.S5: Tardisode 5

This is: Doctor Who: Tardisode 5
Title: Untitled
Mon/Vil: John Lumic & Cybermen
Synopsis: "Attention, preachers! Gemini calling. File subject - John Lumic - Head of Cybus Industries established 1992. 2001 - Cybus profits reach $78 billion, 2004 - South American State reports 265,000 missing. Today, Lumic "ultimate upgrade" project underway - Lumic must be stopped! Mobilise all preachers now, attack location at grid A664.... Interdict  Gemini classified. Cybus Intustries, working for you. Coming soon; the Ultimate Upgrade."
Writer: Gareth Roberts
Director: Ashley Way
Producers: Sophie Fante & Jo Pearce
First Broadcast: 6th May 2006
Ratings: None
Duration: 00.54
Cast: Ricky Smith - Noel Clark
Gemini Voice - Robert Booth