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Monday, 17 November 2008

2.S10: Tardisode 10

This is: Doctor Who: Tardisode 10
Title: Untitled
Mon/Vil: Abzorbaloff/ Victor Kennedy
Synopsis: A mysterious figure is using a laptop to access a website titled L.I.N.D.A who claim to know about the Doctor. Intending to track them down, the figure becomes frustrated with the organisation's humour of keeping themselves secret. He hacks the webpage to discover L.I.N.D.A's location at Macateer Street, London, before he is greeted by a cleaner serving tea, only for her to meet her doom...
Writer: Gareth Roberts
Director: Ashley Way
Producers: Sophie Fante & Jo Pearce
First Broadcast: 10th June 2006
Ratings: None
Duration: 00.57
Cast: Victor Kennedy - Dean Harris
Cleaner - Laura Macalooloo