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Wednesday, 23 May 2012

Doctor Who: The Eternity Clock - Out Now!

The first Doctor Who video game for the market The Eternity Clock was released today, read on for further details:

The game immerses players in the universe of Doctor Who across 600 years of history and the future. Players take on the roles of the Doctor and River Song as they travel across time and space to save the Earth, and time itself. In order to be successful, they must master the complexities of time travel through exceptional time-based game play - changes made in one time will impact another, creating multiple possibilities and challenging players to solve puzzles across the centuries.

Equipped with the Doctor’s sonic screwdriver, River’s blaster and other fantastic gadgets, players journey through four London time periods and a number of other-worldly locations in search of answers. With collaborative multi-player capabilities, players can take part in the game simultaneously across different time periods, facing some of the most fearsome monsters including Silurians, Cybermen, Daleks and the Silence.

Robert Nashak, EVP Digital Entertainment and Games at BBC Worldwide said, “Doctor Who is such a beloved BBC franchise, and we’re fortunate to work collaboratively with the creative minds behind the TV show, bringing fans an authentic experience in the universe that is Doctor Who.” 

The stars of the Doctor Who TV series Matt Smith (the Doctor) and Alex Kingston (River Song) provide voice overs for the game, and motion capture technology creates in-game character movements to add realism to the ultimate Doctor Who gaming experience. Outwit and destroy foes, solve puzzles and make the right choices in an epic action-adventure to save the future!

•  Explore the universe of the Doctor, across 4 distinct 'London' time periods
•  Play as the Doctor and River Song to solve the riddle of The Eternity Clock
•  Collaborative multi-player - play together simultaneously and in different time periods
 Time travel gameplay mechanics - changes to one time period affect the layout of another, solve puzzles across the centuries
•  Innovative 2D to 3D camera switch play
•  Experience 'being the Doctor' - face challenging decisions and puzzles
•  Cross platform play between PS3 and Vita game
•  An intriguing, expansive and yet simple plot developed in collaboration with the team behind the TV show  - set across 600 years of history and into the alternate futures of Earth

Watch the trailer for the game below:
Doctor Who: The Eternity Clock is available to download now on PlayStation 3 for £13.99. The game will be released on PlayStation Vita and PC formats on 13th June.