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Sunday, 12 July 2009

Torchwood Episode Guide: Series Three - 2009

A five-part series of the Torchwood team's greatest threat to date. 1965: Twelve children are gathered on a deserted moor, before being surrounded by a harsh, bright light .... and then they are gone! Today: all over Earth, children stop moving. Stop playing, stop laughing. Then, as one, they begin to speak with the same voice, announcing the imminent arrival of a new alien threat. "We are coming...". As the British government closes ranks, it issues a death warrant against Captain Jack and Torchwood. Now forced to flee for their lives, it becomes clear to the Torchwood team that this isn't the aliens' first visit to Earth, and a terrible price is going to be paid for sins of the past. Do they stand a chance of saving Humankind?

3.01: Children of Earth: Day One - Part 1
3.02: Children of Earth: Day Two - Part 2
3.03: Children of Earth: Day Three - Part 3
3.04: Children of Earth: Day Four - Part 4
3.05: Children of Earth: Day Five - Part 5

3.S1: Asylum
3.S2: Golden Age
3.S3: The Dead Line