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Tuesday, 7 July 2015

Lego Dimensions - Further Doctor Who Details

The Lego Group have issued further details of Doctor Who's involvement in their new video game Lego Dimensions:

It’s a fan-fiction writer’s dream come true - provided that dream is built entirely from Legos. The franchise-mashing Lego Dimensions, due this fall, will bring together some of pop culture’s most beloved characters, everyone from Superman to Gandalf to Back to the Future’s Doc Brown. And for a game spanning so many different worlds, it’s only fitting that a spacefaring time traveler would be among the cast, transported here by a Jurassic World dinosaur.

"We love these characters and these worlds, so we take great pleasure in imagining how they will interact," says Mark Warburton, associate producer at developer TT Games.

No less an interstellar figure than Doctor Who’s eponymous Time Lord himself will be a playable character in the upcoming title, adventuring alongside the likes of Batman, Scooby-Doo, and Homer Simpson. The twelfth and current actor to play the role in the main series, Peter Capaldi, will lend his voice to the character in Dimensions, as will his co-stars Jenna Coleman and Michelle Gomez, who will reprise their roles as Clara Oswald and Missy, respectively.

Lego Dimensions is set for release across all mainstream consoles from 27th September, while Doctor Who-themed Lego sets are set for release at a currently unknown date.