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Tuesday, 6 August 2013

Series 7 Soundtrack - Cover & Details

Silva Screen have revealed the cover and the details for the release of the Doctor Who series seven soundtrack, read on for further details:

Following on from the chart topping success of recent Doctor Who soundtrack releases, comes a further 2CD set of striking Murray Gold music.

Seven years of composing riveting music for Doctor Who has led to Murray’s work being performed at special Proms concerts at the Royal Albert Hall, a celebration of the music at the Millennium Centre Cardiff and a place in the Classic FM Hall of Fame.

The CDs will be sold in a special gatefold wallet as shown but this is limited to only the first 5000 copies, after which the packaging will be a double jewel case, so order quickly if you want one!

Disc One
01. They Are Everywhere
02. Save Us
03. Dalek Parliament
04. Oswin Oswald
05. Towards the Asylum
06. A Probe in the Snow
07. Amy and Rory Together
08. The Terrible Truth
09. Dinosaurs on a Spaceship / Pterodactyls
10. Brian
11. Take a Ride on Tricey
12. Make Peace
13. Welcome to Mercy
14. Out West
15. Gunslingers
16. The Salvation of Kahler Jex
17. Our Little Town’s Prosecutor
18. Cubes
19. While We Waited
20. Brian’s Log
21. New York New York
22. I Am You
23. Melody Malone
24. Little Angels
25. My Husband’s Home
26. Hide the Damage
27. Almost the End
28. Together or Not at All - The Song of Amy and Rory
29. Goodbye Pond
30. Cumbria 1207
31. Monking About
32. Spoonheads
33. Clara?
34. A Turbulent Flight
35. Bah Bah Biker
36. Up the Shard
37. I Might Change My Mind

Disc Two
01. The Leaf
02. Something Awesome
03. Market Day
04. Merry Gejelh
05. God of Akhaten
06. The Speeder
07. Never Wake
08. The Long Song
09. Infinite Potential
10. Always You, Never a Replacement
11. Cold War
12. Skaldak
13. I Am a Ghost
14. A Machine that Makes Machines
15. Crimson Horror
16. Sweetville
17. Thomas Thomas
18. Hedgewick’s World
19. Tiberian Spiral Galaxy
20. Upgrade in Progress
21. The Dream of Cyberia
22. What a Brain
23. Can’t Win
24. Your Orders Come from Me
25. Other Good News
26. The Impossible Girl
27. Cyber Amy
28. The Emperor’s Wife
29. Some Wednesday
30. To Save the Doctor
31. A Letter to Clara
32. What is His Name?
33. A Secret He Will Take to His Grave
34. Trenzalore
35. I Am Information
36. Pain Everlasting
37. Remember Me

iTunes Bonus Tracks
38. Glasgow
39. Whisper Men

The Doctor Who series seven soundtrack is on sale from 9th September at all good CD stores and online digital media outlets priced £11.99 per copy.