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Sunday, 2 December 2012

New Radio Times Doctor Who Themed Cover

This week's Radio Times features (like every Christmas) a Doctor Who themed cover, read on for further details:

People actually say that Christmas wouldn’t be Christmas without a Doctor Who special . So don’t fret, your festivities will be complete once more with a seasonal one-off written by Steven Moffat. Richard E Grant and Tom Ward (who plays pathologist Harry in Silent Witness) guest-star in a story that features Jenna-Louise Coleman joining the Doctor properly (after a brief appearance in the previous series) as his new companion.

“I’m a different person who looks and sounds like Oswin”
Snow shrouds the Doctor Who set, dusting a Dickensian street with a silvery shimmer while Matt Smith and a Sontaran chum rehearse and director Saul Metzstein scrutinises a monitor with the rapt attention of an expectant mum at a baby scan. 

But another blanket also covers the proceedings that is much more perplexing: secrecy.

Fort Knox-style security always surrounds the making of Doctor Who - and no one is clearer than showrunner Steven Moffat that spoilers are so called for a reason - but his third Christmas episode, The Snowmen, warrants special measures. 

Security is tight, confidentiality agreements are signed and RT has been warned that prematurely breathing a word of what we’re about to see may result in a big sleep with the fishes in Cardiff Bay.

The issue is out now at all good newsagents priced £1.40 per copy.