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Tuesday, 25 September 2012

Doctor Who Adventures - Issue 288

The cover and info on the next edition of Doctor Who Adventures magazine:

Get ready for more Doctor Who Adventures!
"How are you, gang? You don’t mind me calling you ‘gang’, do you? I like a gang, and I could really do with someone as smart as you right now. I’ve got something extremely important to tell you and I want to see your best listening face. So concentrate!" 

"I need you to keep your eyes open for as long as you possibly can. Don’t blink, don’t even think about it, because I’m about to meet the Weeping Angels - and we all know what happens if you close your eyes for even one second. Good luck and be careful!"

Have you recovered from the slow invasion? If the Shakri think they can mess with Earth they have another thing coming! We're protected by the Doctor! But you'd better get your tissues ready for this Saturday's episode as The Angels Take Manhattan. We take a look at the ep in this week's issue. This issue also has a The Power of Three pull-out guide, a cool comic, brain-stretching puzzles and more hilarious monster texts! Plus, your fave mag comes with a huge Tardis wipeboard, which comes with a pen and notepad!

Secret Preview!
Monster Texts!
Cool Interview!
Adventure Guide!
Comic Action!
Behind the Scenes!
Puzzle Time!

Issue 288 of Doctor Who Adventures magazine is on sale from Thursday 27th September at all good newsagents until 3rd October priced £2.75 per copy.