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Thursday, 3 February 2011

Doctor Who: A Christmas Carol Soundtrack - Cover & Info

Silva Screens have released the cover and track list for the Doctor Who A Christmas Carol soundtrack:

01. Come Along Pond
02. Halfway out of the Dark
03. Pray for a Miracle
04. Geoff
05. You Didn't Hit the Boy
06. Fish
07. Kazran Sardick 12 1/2
08. Ghost of Christmas Past
09. Babysitter
10. Talk About Girls
11. Sonic Fishing
12. Just a Little One
13. Big Colour
14. I Can't Save Her
15. The Other Half's Inside the Shark
16. Abigail
17. He comes every Christmas
18. Shark Ride
19. New Memories
20. Holding Hands
21. Christmas Dinner
22. Goodlucknight
23. Goodnight Abigail
24. This Planet Is Ours
25. Ghost of Christmas Present
26. The Course of my Life
27. Ghost of Christmas Future
28. Abigail's Song (Silence is all you Know) - performed by Katherine Jenkins
29. Everything Has to End Some Time

The Doctor Who: A Christmas Carol soundtrack is on sale from 21st March at all good CD stores priced £8.99 per copy. In other news: the title for the seveth episode of the next series of Doctor Who is rumoured to be (highlight to reveal spoiler) Demons Run. Old enemies the Cybermen and Sontarans have recently been spotted during filming for the episode.