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Saturday, 18 December 2010

Christmas Holiday News 2010 - Update 1

While I´m on holiday, I´ll be posting one post per week here on TUDWS, explaining the latest news from the universe of Doctor Who, Torchwood and The Sarah Jane Adventures. So, to start with....

Pandorica Collect & Build Figure & CD Wave
Character Options have introduced a new assortment to the Doctor Who series five figure range. The new wave includes six Collect & Build figures which include a piece of the Pandorica. Collect all six, you get the full Pandorica box, but what´s more, the green circle in the middle of each wall of the Pandorica doubles as a CD contain one of two parts of a classic Doctor Who audio story! Here´s which CD each figure comes with:

Eleventh Doctor (in Fez & with Mop) - The Auton Invasion: Part 1
Roman Auton (with Removable Daggers & Cream Cape) - The Auton Invasion: Part 2
Angel Bob (with Eleventh Doctor´s Coat) - The Giant Robot: Part 1
Pandorica Cyberman Guard (with Open Head/Skull Reveal) - The Giant Robot: Part 2
Amy Pond - The Cave Monsters: Part 1
Silurian Warrior (with Laser Blaster) - The Cave Monsters: Part 1

The figures are on sale from late December priced £9.99 each.

Doctor Who Adventures - Issue 197
The cover and info on this week´s edition of Doctor Who Adventures magazine:

It’s Chriiiistmaaaas!
At last! Christmas is here and with it a brilliant new episode of Doctor Who.

We have loads of top secrets from A Christmas Carol, and chat exclusively to Matt Smith - ‘I’m quite naughty,’ he says!

We also find out what Matt, Karen Gillan and Arthur Darvill would get each other for Christmas.

Find out about the Doctor’s previous Christmas adventures, try our fiendishly difficult monster quiz of 2010, plus there’s puzzles, jokes and an especially festive comic strip - with a terrifying monster!

And then there’s the 12 amazing gifts - an incredible 2011 Doctor Who calendar, stickers, bookmarks, gift tags, pop-up Christmas cards… and a very special extra surprise!

This is gonna be the best Christmas ever!

Issue 195 of Doctor Who Adventures magazine is on sale now at all good newsagents until 22nd December priced £2.99 per copy.

The Mazes of Time Mobile Game
Mac have recently released a new Doctor Who video game - exclusive to their iPhone and iPad softwares:

For the first time on iPhone and iPod, enter the world of Doctor Who in a brand new action puzzle adventure!

An intrepid traveller through time and space and the last of the powerful Time Lords, the Doctor is armed only with his incredible intelligence and his sonic screwdriver. Join him and his Human companion, Amy Pond, as they race to save an innocent family attacked by a rogue Dalek and hurtled into the depths of history. Your journey will take you from ancient Incan temples, to the frozen tombs of Telos and a stunning finale on a Dalek ship. Defeat your favourite enemies, solve devious puzzles, and restore peace throughout time!

• Brain twisting puzzles - over 100 in all!
• Travel through time and space to seven unique locations
• Increasingly complex environmental challenges to challenge your mind and reflexes
• Play as both the Doctor and his companion, Amy Pond, utilising their unique skills and abilities to solve challenges
• Features Daleks, Cybermen and Silurians - each with unique behaviour that requires different strategies of stealth and subterfuge to complete levels
• Authentic music from the show
• New locations and enemies coming soon

Doctor Who: The Mazes of Time is on sale now on iTunes here priced £2.39 per download.

Recurrection of the Daleks Figure Set
Character Options have revealed details on a new classic Doctor Who figure set:

The Tardis, with the Fifth Doctor, Tegan and Turlough on board, becomes caught in a time corridor. Once freed it materialises in London in 1984 near the exit of the corridor. Upon investigating warehouses nearby, the travellers stumble upon a trap set for them by the Daleks!

This set includes Fifth Doctor, Davros, Black Supreme Dalek and Grey Dalek and is on sale from mid January 2011 priced £34.99.

Doctor Who Magazine - Issue 429
The cover and info on this month´s edition of Doctor Who magazine:

The latest issue of Doctor Who Magazine features a preview of the brand new 2010 Christmas special, A Christmas Carol, and talks exclusively to writer Steven Moffat, director Toby Haynes - and the Doctor himself, Matt Smith!

How did Matt find working with the Special’s guest star, Michael Gambon? “Michael is a naughty man, a naughty actor,” Matt laughs. “He’s hugely interesting, everyone on set could have listened to his stories all day! And then the cameras start rolling and he’s just captivating…”


To many, he will always be the Doctor! The legendary Tom Baker doesn’t hold back as he tells DWM what it was really like being the Fourth Doctor - and his true feelings about the others who have starred in the role he made his own.

The irrepressible Katy Manning, last seen as Jo Jones (née Grant) in The Sarah Jane Adventures story Death of the Doctor, gives her most revealing interview ever! Discover what happened to the kookiest companion of them all, after she left the Doctor in The Green Death - and just what Katy herself did next…

Ameila Pond and her young chum Rory discover a wondrous bookshop - one that’s bigger on the inside than than the outside and can take them to undreamed worlds of adventure! Take a magical trip with The Professor, the Queen and the Bookshop, a brand new comic strip story for Christmas, by Jonathan Morris with art by Rob Davis.

When do kittens, plot arcs and multi-coloured Cybermen (with noses) have in common? Find out, as showrunner Steven Moffat lets slips secrets about the 2011 series in Production Notes!

She played the Doctor’s granddaughter, and appeared in the very first episode of Doctor Who in 1963 - and now she’s back! Carole Ann Ford, who plays Susan Foreman, talks exclusively to DWM about her latest adventures on audio.

Bull-headed monsters, OTT Villains and the Fourth Doctor at his silliest! Yes, it’s time at last for The Fact of Fiction to scrutinise the infamous story that took Doctor Who into the 1980s - The Horns of Nimon!

Put down that mince pie and get ready for the ultimate Doctor Who challenge, as the Watcher proudly presents his fiendishly difficult Christmas Quiz - tough enough to tax even the most dedicated fan! How will YOU fare… ?

DWM takes a look back at one of the most unforgettable years in Doctor Who’s history - this one! Relieve all the highlights of 2010 - the year that saw the début of the Eleventh Doctor’s and Amy - in DWM’s annual review of the year.

All the news unfit to print! It can only be the annual outing for the Space-Time Telegraph, escaping again for one issue only - don’t miss it!

By popular demand - a set of three collectible art cards featuring exclusive DWM cover images!

All the forthcoming CDs and DVDs previewed; all the latest CD and DVD releases reviewed; the DWM survey for 2010; all the latest offical news; ten terrific prize-winning competitions, including the chance to win a Wii console; and much, much more!

Issue 429 of Doctor Who magazine is on sale now at all good newsagents until 12th January 2011 priced £4.99 per copy.

DWM: Doctor Who Companion - The Eleventh Doctor - Volume 2
Panini Magazines have released the cover and info on the second volume of the Doctor Who Companion: The Eleventh Doctor:

Your complete guide to the award-winning BBC One series! Written and researched by Andrew Pixley.

2010 was a landmark year for Doctor Who. Matt Smith and Karen Gillan appeared on television as the Eleventh Doctor and Amy Pond for the first time, in a series of incredible adventures. From the Doctor’s crash landing in sleepy Leadworth, through to his arrival at Amy’s wedding in a rebooted universe, the last of the Time Lords faced many monsters during the course of his travels, including Weeping Angels, Silurians, Autons, Cybermen, Smilers, Venetian Vampires, Prisoner Zero… and, of course, the Daleks!

Now, Doctor Who Magazine takes you behind the scenes of the concluding episodes of the Eleventh Doctor’s first season with an in-depth episode guide - including original storylines, deleted scenes, media appearances, ratings information and thousands of facts about the day-to-day life of the making of Doctor Who - all illustrated with gorgeous, never-before-seen photographs. This collectors’ edition examines Amy’s Choice, The Hungry Earth/ Cold Blood, Vincent and the Doctor, The Lodger and The Pandorica OpensThe Big Bang, as well as the specially-made Meanwhile, in the Tardis scenes from the DVD box set.

This is your essential guide to the worlds of Doctor Who. Get ready to discover a wealth of information - but watch out for the cracks...

The Doctor Who Companion: The Eleventh Doctor - Volume 2 is on sale from 30th December priced 6.99 per copy.

A Christmas Carol DVD - Cover & Info
2entertain have released the cover and synopsis on the 2010 Doctor Who Christmas special DVD:

A Christmas Carol
It’s the deepest part of winter, the exact midpoint, Christmas Eve - half way out of the dark. Amy and Rory are trapped on a stricken space liner that’s plummeting through banks of thick icy fog to the surface of the planet below. Only one man has the power to save them; only one man is in possession of a machine that can clear the fog and let them land safely. That man is Kazran Sardick, a rich but lonely old miser who rules Sardicktown with a sky-mast of iron.

The Doctor’s only chance of rescuing the ship’s four thousand passengers is to save Kazran’s soul and show him that life is worth living. For this he needs to go back, way back, to when Kazran was a boy with a life full of promise. But can the Doctor put a song in Kazran’s heart and love in his life, in time for Christmas? Can he bring him out of the dark?

Starring alongside Matt Smith as the Doctor, Karen Gillan as Amy Pond, and Arthur Darvill as Rory Williams, A Christmas Carol also stars singing sensation Katherine Jenkins in her first acting role and British acting stalwart Michael Gambon.

Doctor Who Confidential
Doctor Who Proms 2010

Doctor Who: A Christmas Carol is on sale from 24th January 2011 priced £12.99 on DVD (which includes with a digital copy of the DVD) and £16.99 on Blu-ray.


Times for the preview of A Christmas Carol on BBC Red Button have been confirmed:

Follow internet sensation and video blogger Charlie McDonnell as he gives you an exclusive insight behind the scenes of A Christmas Carol and watch out for some extra special festive treats along the way. Check back each day at 6:00pm for the latest update from Charlie.

Sky/ Virgin Media
• 21st Dec, 5:30pm - 22nd Dec, 6:00am
• 22nd Dec, 5:30pm - 25th Dec,12:00am

• 21st Dec, 5:30pm - 11:00pm & 11:40pm - 22nd Dec, 5:50am
• 22nd Dec, 5:30pm - 23rd Dec, 6:20am
• 23rd Dec, 5:30pm-7:45pm
• 24th Dec, 4:10am-5:50am & 5:30pm - 8:15pm & 11:25pm - 25th Dec, 5:50am
• 25th Dec, 3:10pm - 11:00pm

Not available on Freesat

Another update coming next week!


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