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Thursday, 23 September 2010

The Sarah Jane Adventures: Series Four - First Synopsis

The latest issue of Doctor Who Magazine (out today - more info coming soon) has revealed the first synopsis for each story from the highly anticipated fourth series of The Sarah Jane Adventures:

The Nightmare Man
It's a huge, life changing story for Luke. It's a pivotal time of his life and he starts to dream in a way he's never dreamed before.

Luke starts having some pretty scary nightmares. Luke's not fully human even though his brain is, and he's always been an outsider who has been a bit non-plussed by the world.

It's about a creature called the Nightmare Man. He lives in our dreams and feeds on them. And he's hungry.

The Vault of Secrets
Sarah Jane and the gang become reacquainted with Androvax.

Gita has not forgotten what she saw in Prisoner of the Judoon. Keen to share her experiences, Gita attends a meeting of the British UFO Research and Paranormal Studies Society (BURPSS) led by Ocean Waters, a lady who has previously had her own alien encounters.

Also appearing for the first time in The Sarah Jane Adventures are the Men in Black lead by Mr Dread.

Death of the Doctor
Phil Ford was originally meant to write this story - then CBBC commissioned the first half of series five to be shot at the same time as series four. We meet the Groske who are completely different to the Graske.

We have a new UNIT colonel, Colonel Karim and it takes place in a secret UNIT base under Mount Snowden.

The Empty Planet
Its a normal day for Clyde and Rani. Until they realise they are the only people on the Earth.

This is going to be one of the most memorable episodes of SJA. It's for all the 6 year olds who've never seen 28 Days Later and The Omega Man.

As the Story unfolds, it transpires that Clyde and Rani are not quite alone and they soon encounter some formidable robotic adversarys. This scrip gave the crew two big challenges - robots and an empty planet. I saw the rushes and my jaw dropped.

Lost in Time
It's an old-fashioned historical sci-fi adventure with a Sarah Jane Adventures twist. Something's messing up the course of history and our gang have to go back to three different points in time to put it right. Theres a spooky antiques shop. And an even spookier antiques shopkeeper. Oh, and a parrot.

This is an unusual story as there are three stories in one. Sarah Jane ends up in an empty Victorian house, Rani ends up in the Tower of London and Cylde ends up in 1941 on the beaches of Southern England where a Nazi invasion is taking place.

The great result though is that we have three - or maybe four - cliffhangers to end Part One. Now thats value for money!

Goodbye, Sarah Jane Smith
The series comes to a dramatic climax when Sarah Jane finds an unexpected ally when it comes to saving the world. Ruby White, alien investigator, moves in around the corner from Sarah Jane. After all, Ealing is is a hotbed of strange activity.

As well as being a good romp, there are some quite serious elements. It's about Sarah Jane aging and the insecurity that can come as you get older.

We've got a spaceship. We venture up to the stars. The whole world is in peril and we see a brand new team come together to fight it.

The new series of The Sarah Jane Adventures starts next month. More details coming soon. In other news: official promo images from the first story in the next series of SJA, The Nightmare Man, have been released. You can view them here on Blogtor Who.