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Monday, 27 July 2009

Latest News!

The latest news from the universe of Doctor Who:

New The Waters of Mars Trailer!
A new trailer for Doctor Who: The Waters of Mars was shown at San Diego Comic Con yesterday, you can watch it above. Doctor Who: The Waters of Mars will broadcast later this year on BBC One and BBC HD.

The Master to Return!
The BBC have confirmed that John Simm will return as the Master in the last two 2009 Doctor Who specials, the title of one of which has been revealed as The End of Time, read on for further details:

John Simm will return as the Master in the two special episodes which bring David Tennant's era as the Doctor to a stunning conclusion. There's been speculation about Simm's involvement with the show but we can confirm he'll be back later this year, once again playing the Doctor's deadly nemesis.

Simm first appeared as the Master in Utopia, The Sound of Drums and Last of the Time Lords. All three episodes were written by executive producer and head writer Russell T Davies who also wrote his upcoming adventure.

The character debuted in 1971 and on-screen has faced all but the Second and Ninth Doctors. Davies' version of the Master saw him retain his wit and cunning but since Utopia he's been callous and charismatic, sick, psychotic and enormously likeable. In short, everyone's favourite megalomaniac.

At the close of Series Three we saw the Master gunned down by his wife and whilst lying in his enemy's arms, he refused to regenerate. The world believed he had died and the Doctor accepted he was the last of the Time Lords. But this is Doctor Who and you can't keep a good bad guy down!

If anyone wants to remain in the dark about the two specials which form the Tenth Doctor's finale, please look away now! Footage from the first of these episodes was screened during the Doctor Who panel at Comic-Con International 2009, meaning details about the adventure are officially out there!

As we revealed earlier today, the episodes feature the return of John Simm as the Master. The Doctor's fellow Time Lord is sporting a different hair colour in the finale, working a striking, lighter look.

And the Master isn't the only familiar figure returning from Doctor Who's recent past. executive producer Russell T Davies, who wrote David Tennant's final episodes, confirmed that Alexandra Moen is back as Lucy Saxon, the character we previously saw in The Sound of Drums and Last of the Time Lords. Although married to the Master she put a serious dent in their relationship by shooting him but what happened to her after the events of Series Three has remained a mystery, so far...

Russell further explained that footage from the finale screened at Comic-Con included the voice of Timothy Dalton as the Narrator. His exact role in the specials is currently undisclosed but Dalton is, of course, best known for portraying James Bond in The Living Daylights and Licence to Kill.

One of the biggest cheers of the Doctor Who panel occurred when the trailer showed the face of Catherine Tate, last seen playing Donna Noble in Journey's End. Bernard Cribbins, who played her grandfather, Wilf, also features in the trailer which depicts a grim-faced Doctor walking purposefully away from a wall of leaping flames... but towards what, or whom..?

The specials are to air later this year around the Christmas period on BBC One and BBC HD.

First Trailer for 3rd & 4th 2009 Specials!
Apart from a trailer for The Waters of Mars, a trailer for the last two 2009 Doctor Who specials was shown at San Diego Comic Con yesterday, but was not made available to watch online. However, you can watch a camera-recorded version from Comic-Con above.

Torchwood: Series 4 Confirmed!
Russell T Davies confirmed at a Q&A meeting at the San Diego Comic-Con yesterday that Torchwood will return for a fourth series, more details are yet to be announced.

The Sarah Jane Adventures: Old Enemies to Return
It's been confirmed that the Judoon will appear in the first story from the next series of The Sarah Jane Adventures alongside a new alien called Androvax. The Trickster is also set to return as well as the Slitheen in the final story, alongside their cousions the Blathereen.

John Lesson to Voice K.9 in New Doctor Who Spin-Off
John Lesson, best known for voicing K.9 in Doctor Who, is to voice the character in his new Doctor Who spin-off show, also called K.9. More details on the show coming soon.


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i so wish christmas would come soon i so badly want to see dr who.

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You should see the Doctor who christmas special trailer!It includes:The master,The Ood and Donna noble!The episode is going to be called A journeys end!I am so exsited!

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aah man i want to watch the new episode now ive whatch all the episodes with rose martha and donna
when i first watched the trailer i couldnt believe it the masters back.

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This is the best one ever! I cant wait till boxing day!