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Wednesday, 1 April 2009

Torchwood: In the Shadows - Cover & Info

BBC Audio have released the cover and synopsis on an new exclusive Torchwood audio CD:

IN THE SHADOWS - written by Joseph Lidster, read by Eve Myles
A man has died of old age in his 30s. This, among other strange events, has lead Torchwood to conclude that someone is sending victims to another dimension, one in which they are punished by the thing which they fear the most. Who is the mysterious taxi driver preying on his passengers?

The Torchwood: In the Shadows audio is on sale from 7th May at all good CD stores priced £12.99 per copy.


Bostan natsuko said...

Bigwhofan how do you like the Torchwood books? I have never read them. The audio also sounds cool.