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Saturday, 10 January 2009

New Collect & Build Doctor Who Figures - Vespiform Wave

Character Options have revealed that they'll be re-releasing their Doctor Who series four figures as part of their new Collect & Build Vespiform wave! With each figure you receive, you get a piece of the Vespiform figure. Collect all twelve figures, you get the complete deluxe figure with stand. Here's which part of the Vespiform each figure comes with:

Supreme Dalek - Head
Davros - Upper Chest
Pyrovile Priestess - Left Chest
Professor River Song (with Future Sonic Screwdriver & Squareness Blaster) - Right Chest
Sontaran Commander Skorr (with Laser Weapon & Removable Helmet) - Upper Abdomen
Donna Noble - Middle Abdomen
Ood Sigma (with Translator Orb) - Lower Abdomen
Sontaran General Staal (with Cane & Removable Helmet) - Left Wing
Hath Peck (with Blaster Weapon) - Right Wing
25 Adipose - Sting
Natural Ood (with Hind Brain) - Stand
Vashta Nerada Suit Creature - Base

The figures are on sale later this month at all good toy stores priced £7.99 each. Please note that the Time Lord figure in the image is not part of the assortment. In other news: It is rumoured that the upcoming Doctor Who Easter special, Planet of the Dead will broadcast on either 11th or 12th April. Also, it is rumoured that the Rani will return in the Doctor Who series five final and will be played by Amy Whinehouse, nothing more is confirmed.


Brad said...

Hi. The figure is exclusive to America.

The Gallifrey Vortex

Anonymous said...

The idea that is was a US exclusive was just part of the original rumour - since then the wave's been confirmed, but not its circulation. A number of UK sites are currently taking pre-orders and CO have implied it will be released here soon.